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So, you have basically applied all the YouTube tricks possible to get loads of YouTube views free and subscribers organically but still haven’t got any satisfactory results, right? I am sure you keep on wondering what those so-called big channels do in order to attract such a huge audience.

The answer is plain simple, they work more hard on keeping their regular audience intact rather than focusing more on attracting a newer audience each day.

A loyal follower is better than millions of random viewers.

Get my point? Let me elaborate a little more here. Let’s say you posted a video on YouTube and somehow managed to get a viewer for that video, maybe through social media or word-of-mouth or through SEO or just say anything.

So, when the viewer finishes watching that video, YouTube algorithms automatically suggest another video to that person, depending upon their browsing activities and interests. And immediately that viewer clicks on another video that he/she may find attractive or useful and start watching it, without even realizing that they have long back shifted their focus from your video and are fiddling with other videos suggested by YouTube.

Let’s take the example of channel “VEVO”. You will notice after you have finished watching one of their videos, in the end, all the other videos suggested to the audience belongs to their channel itself, so that you keep on watching only their videos one after another and don’t leave their channel at all. These channels manage to do these using the secret YouTube tricks that you are going to discover today. (Some of you might not notice this because a few of factors also depend on your own i.e, the audience’s YouTube settings, and perhaps you can’t change your end user’s browser or YouTube settings and preferences). But when your video finishes, only a few or none of your videos are suggested by YouTube automatically, making your audience swing to some other video or channel which doesn’t belong to you.

This means you have to once again work on getting a new viewer for your videos each day. Tiring it is, isn’t it? But what if you do some magic and follow my stated YouTube tricks and does not allow that viewer to leave your videos and keep on suggesting your own videos one after another, hooking that person for long until the person ends up subscribing to your channel. And finally, whenever you post a new video, the person gets a mail about it and comes searching for your videos by himself rather that you begging each and every time for them to come and watch. And the same goes for each and every viewer of your videos, be it a few hundred or a few thousand.

So today we will discuss 3 most important YouTube tricks that can save you a lot of viewers and subscribers. The first two are general, which most of you may already know, and the third one is the main magical sauce which you have been waiting for all along.

1. Branding:

Create attractive thumbnails and brand them with your own logo which indicates your YouTube username or your web address (in case you have any). Not only thumbnails but you can even brand your entire video with your logo. See the example in the picture below. All the YouTube video thumbnails are branded with the “NAHDISM” logo. Thus, in case someone wanders off those videos, at least, they can recall that name anytime and if they want they can come back again through the google search, YouTube search options, or perhaps by directly typing your fancy URL in their browsers, exactly landing on your channel page whenever they want. It’s not compulsory but one of the essential YouTube Tricks.

2. Playlists:

Make sure you create as many public playlists with the same videos under different but relevant categories and properly bunch them together wherever possible. For example, you made 10 videos about Facebook and 10 videos about Twitter, then make at least 3 playlists, one with Facebook as the main category and assembling all related 10 videos in it. The second one with Twitter as the main category and assembling all related 10 videos in it. And finally, the third category as Social Networking ( Since both Facebook and Twitter comes under this major category) and add all 20 videos to it. Playlists are not one of the secret YouTube tricks but are essential to garner views and subscribers.

You can create as many categories and playlists you want but make sure they are relevant to your content and do not deceive the audience or else it may be taken down by YouTube for infringements of their company policies and may leave a bad impact to your social authority and repute.

See the below picture for better understanding of the different kinds of playlists and their usages:

3. Tags:

Oh, yes! This is the magic sauce that can make a whole lot of difference to your channel and videos. Add either any one or any two or all the three of the specified tags to each and every one of your videos and you will have YouTube related video algorithms dancing to your tunes in no time. Here are the magical and secret tagging YouTube tricks you didn’t know:

First Magical Tag:

Your channel’s custom URL. Although not the complete URL but the part which can be customized.

For example, here is one of my YouTube channel URLs:

Hence, my first tag will be either nahdism or UCV20fTiZU-vOJgld0lFUxiQ

(Either of them one because of both points to the same channel. Don’t worry if you don’t have any fancy URL, you can just manage with the official channel id).

Second Magical Tag:

This will be your channel name. For mine, it’s my channel name, “Nahdism”. For you guys, it can be your real name or company name, something like “John Smith” or “Adele Apparels Inc” or “GamingBonanza”, etc.

Third Magical Tag:

Your website address, not full URL but just the address (without “HTTP”, “HTTPS”, or “WWW”), like or or or, etc. Like mine is just

This tag format is optional but it’s better if you include it as well. If you don’t have your own website, you can include your social pages like ““.

In the picture below you can see my main channel page and highlight by YELLOW marker are all three kinds of tags to be used.

Although you may follow all given YouTube tricks correctly, still some of the recommended options depend upon the end user’s (i.e, your viewer’s) YouTube settings. If not 100% of times, at least, 40% of times your videos will be shown as related videos to your audience, thereby highly increasing chances of your videos getting viewed, and henceforth subscribers and AdSense earnings, if you have your youtube partnership account activated.

Thus, if you follow all the above-given steps correctly, in no time, not only the related videos in the main player but as well as most videos suggested on the right sidebar will be your own videos, just like here we have all VEVO videos suggested one after another.

This was all with the 3 secret and magical YouTube tricks. If you found this tutorial helpful, please consider subscribing to the newsletter below to keep up with the best tricks that can help you excel online. And if you know any other amazing trick, feel free to share it with us using the comments box.

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