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This article has been written with one specific purpose in mind—to make you aware of the different ways in which the world of Internet marketing has changed, and to reinforce the fact that despite all those changes, the whole affair is still quite uncomplicated at the heart of it. If you intend to develop a highly moneymaking online business, then now is as good a time as any other.

It is true that the world of Internet marketing seems daunting to most people. Not helping the fact is the steady development of this genre, where a lot of new techniques are being introduced with each passing day. Things do seem to be difficult on the face of it, marketers do seem to be doing a lot of technical things all the time… but if you scratch the surface, the truth of it becomes quite clear. You will find that most of these marketers are just doing the same things that we did in the old times, only that now the aspect of sharing those things with people has enhanced with amazing alacrity.

That means people are still writing articles and submitting them to various places on the Internet so that they can bring highly targeted people to their business websites. They are still writing blog posts and commenting on them. They are still sharing links wherever they can. They are still using affiliate marketing, and more so than ever before, what with biggies such as Google and Yahoo! has entered the fray with aplomb.

But, at the same time, several new methods have made their appearance as well. This is the age of social networking. Social networking has come out in a big way. Today, the vast multitude of the Internet comprises of people who are latched on to social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, from where they are connecting with millions of people. How can Internet marketers miss out on this opportunity? Marketing on these networks is the trend of the day!

We should also not forget one of the greatest phenomena that have graced the world in the last few years… YouTube. Or, video marketing in general. One of the most effective ways of marketing right now is to make short videos—promotional videos—of their products and to put it up on websites such as YouTube from where they can enter into the public domain. These videos are titled and tagged with popular keywords so that they can be accessible to people from all over the world through search engines. Once these videos are viewed and liked, people do not mind sharing them with their compatriots on the Internet.

So, there are so many different ways in which Internet marketing has grown. It is no longer about just selling the product as was done earlier through a single, static website. Today, we can actually say that Internet marketing has grown and come out on its own. It is a fact that the changes in this world are surprising, but still real and implementable all the same.

The purpose of this eBook is to show you how you can implement these new techniques also. It is a wonderful thing you have at your disposal—the Internet. With it, you can make the whole world your market. You can reach out and market your product to the vast multitude and do a really good job out of it.

Read on to understand what these methods are and how you can implement them in your business strategies.

Chapter 1:

Internet Marketing For Beginners

What actually is Internet Marketing and Who is it Meant for?

You have heard this term many times. You may also have read a lot. People talk about it as the best business opportunity in the world today. But what is the real hype? Is it really as good as expected?

You must have realized it – we are talking about Internet marketing.

To understand whether Internet marketing really has the function it claims, you first need to understand the meaning of the concept. Let’s start here.

What is Internet Marketing?

Broadly speaking, any way to help you make money on the Internet by promoting products for sale is Internet marketing. For example, if you have a software application and sell the software on the Internet to make money, then what you are doing is Internet marketing.

The product may not necessarily be yours. You can buy products from others in many ways. Obtaining the resale rights of the product is one way for you to do this. Becoming a member of certain websites that sell products is another way. Here, you are not selling your own products, but advertising in the same way on the Internet. This is why it fits the definition of Internet marketing. Affiliate marketing is a subset of Internet marketing.

Of course, Internet marketing has many other functions. It is not as simple as the definition implies. You must use multiple strategies and tactics, the way you do Internet marketing is different, and you must do this work on many different levels. This e-book will help you slowly unfold these levels and try to make you understand all aspects involved.

Internet Marketing is Meant for Whom?

You will be surprised to read this book-anyone who owns a computer and has a reliable Internet connection and anyone can enter Internet marketing. There is no qualification here, or in most cases, no qualification. If you think that investment may be a problem, then you have also misunderstood. In most Internet marketing companies, you don’t need any investment at all. In most other cases, if you have approximately $100 in floating funds in your online account, this will not only cover your initial costs.

And you don’t even need a mentor. Today, most people who succeed in Internet marketing are self-taught, or even self-taught. You can do it too. This e-book and other similar resources can help you unlock the potential of Internet marketing.

So please keep reading. Before this rare opportunity begins, there is still a lot to learn and understand.

The #1 Thing Internet Marketing Cannot Thrive Without – Web Traffic

When dealing with Internet marketing, one of the most important terms you will often encounter is “TRAFFIC.” It represents the number of visitors arriving at a particular site. If a website says it has 1 million visits every month, it means that 1 million people visit that particular website every month.

However, as an Internet marketer, you should know a few things. We consider the following here:

  1. The traffic itself is of no use to Internet marketers. What matters is a unique flow. You may have 100,000 visits, but if 90% of them are regular visitors, then you won’t get any new revenue. In this case, meaningful traffic will affect your progress, accounting for only 10% of the new friends you have.
  2. Likewise, the person who clicks on your website link is useless to you. In order for your business to succeed, you need these people to take certain measures. You need them to download e-books, subscribe to your website or pay and buy products, etc. Simple surfers will not help your website much.

Cold and Hot Traffic

The concept of hot and cold traffic will soon become very important to you. In short, people who just enter your website and do nothing are cold traffic. This is of no use to you. On the other hand, people who visit your website and take some measures you want them to take constitute heat traffic. What you should strive for is popular traffic.

Cold traffic is the traffic you get through simple non-targeted methods (such as Google search). These people may come to your website when they look for specific keywords on Google. They do not have any tendency to visit your website, especially when it appears. They visited your website without any expectations. You should not expect them to take any action. The conversion rate of these people is very low.

Hot traffic enters your website through some targeted methods. Their arrival may be due to some of your efforts, such as blog or article marketing, which we will discuss later. Of course, these people are most important to your business prospects. They come to your website with some expectations, so you can also hope to get some business from them.

Traffic monetization techniques

Traffic is essential, and we will see ways to bring traffic to the website, but what are the basic conditions to start using this traffic to make money? Profitability refers to the conversion of traffic into money. Not only do you need to make some effort, not only to attract people to your website, but you must also make sure you make money from these people. Here we see what is needed.

Preparing To Monetize Traffic

You need a website. That is absolutely necessary. There is no shortage of office space. It may be your virtual company office. This is where people who don’t know you will see and build an impression of yourself. A major requirement is an excellent website. Of course, there are many ways you can make money through online efforts without a website, but if you have a good website, it will be a completely different story.

If you feel that you don’t want to build a website yet, you can at least have a blog. Today, blogs are considered better than websites because they are interactive. You can keep in touch with your audience through your blog. The best part is that the blog is free. Using tools like Blogger(, you can build a blog and get it running in a matter of minutes. If you don’t want a free blog (the only reason you might not want it is that you have to contend with their ads on the blog), then you can choose a WordPress( blog that is paid but without ads.

Remember, this is more than just bringing people to your website or blog. You must attract their interest so that they are forced to take the actions you expect them to take. Therefore, attractiveness is an important point. However, it is also important to impress them with meaningful content.

The Actual Monetizing Process

To start making money, what you need is an eCommerce solution. If you have a product that you are selling, having a shopping cart on your site is a great addition. The shopping cart retains the purchase of the customer as long as the money is paid and keeps the account. Since payments would be through credit cards, shopping carts also have encryption.

But if you are using a different route for monetizing income, such as you are allowing them to download an eBook as their purchase, then you need to allow them an option such as PayPal ( payment or wire transfer for collecting your funds.

Note that monetizing does not just mean collecting the money, but it also means the whole process. If you are trying to interest your customers in an opportunity today so that they might become customers tomorrow, that is monetization too. We shall see how you can use landing pages and lead capture pages (also known as squeeze pages) to make this happen.

Building Residual Income

For any internet marketer, the best thing that could happen is the start of a residual income opportunity. This happens when the marketer has a business set up that keeps paying even though he or she is not putting any active efforts in it. This is much like the royalties that are earned on a novel that is once written and published. There are some ways in which such residual income opportunities can be created on the Internet.

One of these ways is to have an eBook on a popular blog page or a web page that people will keep downloading and paying for. This is a residual stream of income. If your eBook is good, people will talk about it and more people will keep purchasing it. This is what is known as viral marketing. Even if you don’t feel like working for a while, your residual income streams should be good enough to tide you over for a while.

Ecommerce methods You need

Ecommerce is an umbrella term used to describe all the transactions that take place on the Internet. In the Internet marketing scenario, this is definitely a very useful term. The buying and selling routes that you will have to set up on your commercial website will need to be done through an eCommerce solution. This is actually a software program that can provide you various features according to your needs.

In order to have an eCommerce solution on your website, you will need to hire a suitable eCommerce hosting service. These eCommerce hosting services handle various tasks right from building the eCommerce website to helping with the credit card processing, providing payment gateway integration services, and adding shopping carts to the website.

The following are the top 10 eCommerce hosting sites in the world today:-

  1. Go eMerchant (
  2. 3D Cart (
  3. Volusion (
  4. Core Commerce (
  5. Yahoo Merchant (
  6. Pro Stores (
  7. Network Solutions (
  8. GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart (
  9. Precision Web (
  10. Fortune3 (

Your eCommerce solution is not just for the convenience that it provides. There are many other things it involves, which are crucial to your business.

The first important thing is the shopping cart feature. This is where any member of your website can add the products they are interested in. Shopping carts can “hold” various products until the person makes the payment. Thus, if a person wants to check out your entire product range before making the purchase, you don’t have to worry that they will forget to buy the first ones they saw.

Also, encryption is a significant thing.  Since people will be using their credit cards here,  it is the responsibility of the site developer to make sure that their identities are not ripped off. Most eCommerce sites use 128 bit SSL protection, though some eCommerce solutions could provide a much higher value of encryption.

Blogging for Building Internet Marketing Traffic

Blogs work amazingly well in bringing in the traffic in our present Internet age; even the search engines are predisposed toward giving more prominence to blogs in comparison to mere websites.

What are Blogs?

Blogs are chronicled websites, i.e., they are websites where you post content, and it is maintained in the order of the dates that you submit. A single piece of content that you submit, which is no different from an article in its size and structure, is known as a post. Visitors are free to make comments on your article. You can reply to these comments. Hence, a blog is a very much interactive tool. Moreover, a blog provides you with the possibility of posting your business website URL on your post, which helps in the traffic generation. If someone likes the post you have made, they will want to click on this link and visit your website for more information.

Blogs are known for their regularly updated, meaningful content. People are looking for some information here; it could be about how to do a particular thing or some interesting facts and figures on something, or some about a product, etc. It is an excellent place for you to advertise your business subtly.

How to Make Blogs Work

The first step is building the blog. Using tools such as Blogger (, you can build your blog within a matter of minutes and have it up and running. If you don’t want a free blog (the only reason you might not want one is that you will have to contend with their ads on your blog), then you could go for a WordPress ( blog.

Once you have your blog, you being sprucing it up with good content. You mustn’t include any direct links to your website because readers don’t like that. It could seem to be blatant advertising which you should avoid at all costs. However, you can put links in the small byline that follows your name as the post creator on the blog.

Blogs work because the search engines love them. And the search engines love them because people are always visiting them for content. Search engines today, especially Google, are looking for providing people with the best results they can, and blogs certainly fit the bill.

So the main things that you need to make your blogs work are:-

  • Good content
  • Regular updates
  • Replying to user’s comments
  • Subtle advertising to your product

Sometimes, giving away free products helps. If you promote a free eBook download, people will be interested in downloading that. When they click on the advertised link, you could make them go through a lead capture page (also known as a squeeze page) where you ask them their email address for verification or to send them more such offers directly. When you get this list ready, you can use it for marketing your products to them directly. You must realize that this list is of hot traffic, i.e., people who have been interested in your product and even gone ahead with a download. It would be easy to convert them from visitors to customers.

Article Submissions to Bring in Internet Marketing Traffic

One of the most typical – and also the most conventional – methods of building traffic on your websites is through article marketing. There are Internet marketers who do not use any other method except article submissions to bring in traffic on their websites. Article marketing can be free if you wanted, and the best part is that it brings in targeted traffic, i.e., it brings in people who already have an interest in what you are dealing.

What is Article Marketing?

The simple definition of article marketing is writing and submitting articles on online directories to bring in targeted traffic. These articles have a bio box below them, where the author can write a short description of themselves and their businesses and even hive the link, which can bring in the targeted traffic to your website.

The articles that are submitted are search engine optimized with keywords. Authors of submission articles use keywords from tools such as:

to find keywords that people are popularly searching and incorporate them in their articles. Because of these keywords, the articles have a better chance of showing up on the search engine results when someone searches with that keyword. This is how you get your traffic through them.

Now, why will anyone search with that keyword? The simple answer is – because they want some information on that topic. And hence, there is an excellent possibility that they will view the article. Now, if they like that article, they will want to read more to get more information. This is when they will click on the website link. Since these people already have an interest in the topic, there is a high possibility that they will help in the conversion.

Using Articles to Attract Hot Traffic

It is not wrong to say that you already have it made when you are into article submissions. You can be sure that people who like your articles will visit your website and will be very likely to do business with you too. But, you should know where to put these articles up.

What we are talking about here are the directories. These are the places where you submit your articles. Many free article submission directories on the Internet take articles on a wide range of subjects. The directories follow their tricks for search engine optimization too, which will be over and above the keyword optimization you use.

The following is a list of article submission directories that you should know:-

  1. Ezine Articles ( – one of the most popular article marketing directories, though its rules of submission are rigorous.
  2. iSnare (
  3. Go Articles (
  4. Article Alley (
  5. Article City (

Also, there are various places where you can submit articles and make money apart from promoting your business. The following are some such places. Just note that you will have to go through an approval process before you become a writer on these websites because you are likely getting paid for whatever you submit here.

  1. eHow (
  2. (
  3. (
  4. (
  5. (

If you have several articles up on these places, you can be sure that you get a steady flow of visitors on your site. But, make sure that the articles you submit are of good quality, language-wise as well as according to the information that they contain.

Social Networking For Internet Marketing

Social networking has become an essential aspect of  Internet marketing today. We are living in a world of Web  2.0.  This is the age when people are using the Internet not just for information but also for interaction. They are trying to connect with other people to understand concepts, to get information, to read on products and such.

Social networking simply means communicating and interacting with people over the Internet. Many websites allow people to network with each other socially. The following are some names:-

There are many aspects to this:-

Viral Marketing

This happens when someone likes a product and recommends it to others. Remember when a friend ate at a restaurant, liked it and recommended it to you? This is viral marketing. This is the best form of marketing if you have a product because you are making sure that people are speaking about your product and recommending it to their friends and family. This increases their chances of buying the product. Viral marketing is done on social networking sites, especially in groups built around special topics. Making Your Internet Marketing Venture a Full-Fledged Home Business

It is quite a different thing to start out with something, and quite a different thing to be consistently pushing it forward. The same applies to Internet marketing. You can start it out, but in order to convert into a complete home business, there are some more things that you need to do.

Streamlining the processes is an important part of the game. For that, you will need to get in touch with people – actually hire them – in order to do various tasks for you. A point will come when you will be mostly holding a managerial position while your group of hired professionals will accomplish the various tasks that you have assigned them.

In most likelihood, you will need a writer to write content for your various needs – articles, eBooks, press releases, sales pages, reports – an editor to take a look at them, a web designer to maintain your website, etc. You might also need a virtual manager to look after all these people.

Remember that you shouldn’t confine yourself to doing all the tasks yourself. Even if you think nobody can do things as well as you do, you need to keep looking for people because if you don’t, your growth is going to be stunted. There is a limit to what you can attain.

There are various job sites on the Internet from where you can hire these people. The following is a list of these job sites.

  1. Get A Freelancer (
  2. EUFreelance (
  3. People Per Hour (
  4. ScriptLance (
  5. eLance (

You can hire all the professionals you need for your Internet marketing needs through these job portals through a bidding system. However, you must remember that the cheapest bid is not the best bid. Take a look at their samples of past work and at the reviews, they have received on the site.

When you have a handful of diligent and driven people, you could begin working outside of the portal and handing them their jobs directly. This helps you save marketplace fees and enables you to forge strong collaborations with these people. When you are looking at taking this up as a fulltime job, you will need talented people to assist you in everything that you do.

Internet Marketing – The Pros And The Cons

The Pros

The biggest advantage is that this is the best way to start a business of your own. To set up physical business, you need capital. On the internet, you don’t need much capital at all. You could set up a business for free and then keep it running through rolling what you earn. Even if you cherish a dream of having a big building sometime in the future, by working online you could earn enough money to make that happen. Yes, the online world could enrich your offline world.

We also need to consider that this is extremely simple to do. Anyone can get into Internet marketing – housewives, teenagers, retired persons, invalids, people who don’t have a home of their own, people who don’t have social security and even able-bodied working men and women who want to make extra income. The trend is shifting toward the Internet anyway. People have become very much apprehensive about their offline jobs due to the recession and there has suddenly been a spurt in the number of people joining the Internet fray.

You must even consider the tax-deductible factor. When you use a portion of your home for your home business that becomes a part of your deductibles. The same applies to the computer that you use.

The convenience is par excellence. You don’t have to travel anywhere. You can work in your boxers; you don’t have to physically impress the people you are dealing with. Some people feel that they are freer when they are chatting online than they are when they are speaking face-to-face. Also, if you have any leadership desires, the Internet is the best place where you can do that, especially through social networking groups.

And we cannot undermine the money factor. There is no limit to what you can earn working online.  Even when you start out, it is highly possible to make $500 to $1,000 a month. Six months down the line, you should earn a few thousand per month. Two years later,  your income must be in tens of thousands per month. And all this happens even if you don’t keep putting consistent efforts. The concept of residual income is highly significant here if you have taken care of that from the start.

The Cons

Some people say that Internet marketing is a hermit’s job because these people don’t mingle with other people. However, that is not true. In fact, these people have so much money that they can easily join clubs, participate in their church activities, go on vacations with their families, etc. People with regular desk jobs cannot afford these luxuries, actually.

But one thing that blots the Internet marketing world is the scam operators that exist here. Yes, there are scammers. A few of them are giving everyone a bad name. You have to be honest; you have to make sure that you are dealing with people in the right way. Though there is always a bit of skepticism connected with any online dealing, if you are honest, you will make it through.

Internet Marketing jargons

You have now all the ingredients you would need for starting your Internet marketing venture. But to go ahead, you will need more knowledge, more information. This is the reason why you should keep downloading material such as this and keep improving your knowledge bank. Here we shall discuss a few terms that you will need to take your business further ahead, something like a teaser for a sequel that follows the end of a Hollywood horror flick.

Email Marketing

This is the process of promoting your business by sending emails. However, you cannot just randomly send emails or you shall get a reputation of a spammer. But, if you have made a list of people who have opted into what you are providing, then you can easily send emails to them.

These emails should not be blatantly promotional; they should contain meaningful stuff and just a subtle hint about your product. Email marketing can be done through software, which can send thousands of emails to your list in an automated manner. You can think about this when your initial efforts have helped you build a list.


You need these applications. When someone opts into your list or takes a particular action on your website, they must get a quick response thanking them for their action.

You cannot monitor all these activities 24/7 and hence you need autoresponders. Autoresponders will communicate people through their email ids as soon as they have gone through that particular action.  For the person who receives the message,  this means a lot because it indicates that someone is always taking care of things in the company.


Feeds are features that you can add on your website to let people know directly whenever you update your website. Earlier, website owners used to encourage visitors to bookmark their websites so that they could return to them again. But nowadays with the presence of feeds, this is not necessary.

Chapter 2:

An Overview Of Internet Marketing

Before we begin, it is most logical that we come to grips with what Internet marketing is all about. Internet marketing is essentially the process involved in selling things over the Internet, but there is much more to that than meets the eye.

There are several methods that are used in Internet marketing. This chapter serves as a guide on understanding the technique of Internet marketing, and we shall also see what benefits and limitations the concept of Internet marketing is bestowed with.

What Is Internet Marketing?

If every era in history can be called the great invention of that era, it can definitely be called The Internet Era. The Internet has proliferated all aspects of our lives, and it has indeed provided a whole new dimension to our way of life on earth. Today, whether it is buying toothbrushes or spreading global awareness of the increasing vulnerability in the ozone layer, people are using the Internet as their medium. Moreover, it turns out that the Internet is an indomitable medium that can unwaveringly provide people with what they want.

Among all these different purposes of the Internet world service, a very important trend has recently emerged. This is the trend of buying and selling goods through the Internet. A complete parallel world was born here, a world of online entrepreneurs who make money by selling goods on the Internet. The money traded here is huge.

That is obvious. The online world has a large population, and the types and kinds of businesses done here are indefinite. Below are some facts and figures of the online marketing industry as they stood in 2008. The situation has only improved since then.

Continent People Using the Internet
1. Asia 578.6 millions
2. Europe 384.6 millions
3.   North America 248.2 millions
4. Latin America 139 millions
5. Africa 51 millions
6. Middle East 41.9 millions
7. Australia 20.2 millions

These statistics indicate that the vast majority of the people in the world are online right now. They are consistently using the Internet as a medium of exchange. It is certainly no wonder then that so many online marketers are trying to create a niche for their products in this world. says that 20% of the world is already on the Internet. They are using the online world in different ways,  such as for communication or entertainment or networking or business. But the figures are definitely heartening. It means that 1 in 5 people in the world are using the Internet in some form or the other.

If we look at individual statistics, then we can see many more positive trends happening with the online world. Japan,  for instance, has grown in the Internet world by leaps and bounds. It is among the most prolific countries in terms of Internet usage. Almost all Japanese households spend at least 10% of their budget on the Internet, according to the Digital Economy Factbook, 2007 Edition annually.  On  an  overall  scale,  all  over  Asia, the  money  generated through  online  shopping  has  already  crossed  the  $168  billion mark, according to MasterCard’s Insight Report,

Another Asian nation, South Korea, has the reputation of having the highest percentage of people who shop over the Internet. In this tiny nation, 99 in 100 Internet users do their shopping over the Internet, according to the Nielsen Report. That is definitely an awesome number.

All of these things have created an upward trend in the world of Internet advertising also. Internet advertising has become a complete industry in itself today. We are already spending about $100 billion globally on advertising on the Internet, according to This is a mind-boggling figure!

So, how do all these facts and figures help you with your personal growth?  Right now, one of the most important things on most people’s agenda is to have a  safe source of income—all have a  bad taste in their mouth after the economic meltdown of 2008  during which company downsizing had become the norm—and a source of income that promises a steady growth.

People have tried various options for making money, but it is the Internet world that seems the most lucrative option in today’s world. This is definitely helped by the fact that a lot of people right now are doing business over the Internet. The initial reservations in shopping over the Internet have petered down, and now the Internet world is certainly a safer haven with so many tools that have made their presence. It is quite understandable that now people actually look forward to buying things over the Internet. It helps them in many ways, especially they get to know reports of the products they are trying to buy, which helps them to make a better buying decision.

Personally, this could be a great way for you to make some interesting sums of money over the Internet. You could have a steady stream of income and spend more time with your family because Internet marketing entrepreneurs do not need to venture out of their homes if they do not want to. This could be highly beneficial to you for more reasons than you think.

Mentioning all of this at the very outset was with the intention that you realize that the online marketing world is a very lucrative option, and it is certainly something that you could consider. You must give it a try if you have not done so already.

We shall come to grips with some concepts of the Internet marketing world in the further sections of this chapter.

Understanding What Internet Marketing Really Means

Internet marketing is the umbrella term used for a collection of ways in which products and services are sold over the Internet. It is also known variably as online marketing and web marketing, and sometimes as digital marketing.

To put it as a definition…

“Internet marketing is the art of advertising and marketing goods and services through the Internet.”

This is normally done through the use of placing advertisements on websites that are on the Internet. These websites will vary according to the goods and services that they are offering. Therefore, adverts are placed according to the sites that have similar content.

Internet marketing started off when people realized that there was a lot of marketing potential on the Internet. This being the case, people had to advertise their goods and services on the Internet to get a larger amount of clientele. Most of the individuals and companies that started Internet marketing were those that were targeting international clientele. Advertising using print and electronic media in every country had proved to be cumbersome. It also proved to be a difficult task. Nevertheless, with the introduction of the Internet, a solution was seen to be possible.

The Internet marketing world has blossomed in the last decades of the 20th Century. It is a relatively new world, but more and more people are getting warmed up to the concept in recent times.

Now, there are different ways in which money can be made over the Internet. All of these techniques could be combined under the collective definition of Internet marketing. The definition also expands to include all the different models in which the businesses are carried out. Taking that into account, there are different types of Internet marketing models.

The following are some of the common ways in which Internet marketing is carried out in today’s times.

Via ecommerce

Ecommerce is a method in which products and services are sold to the consumer directly, without employing any intermediary agency.

Hence, if you are buying something through an online website directly, then you are using an eCommerce website. Generally, eCommerce websites have a typical layout. They will most definitely have a catalog of the products on their website, with detailed descriptions of all these products. Next, they will have a shopping cart. You can select the products and they enter the shopping cart. The shopping cart feature is generally used when there is more than one product on the website. When you are checking out, you are prompted to pay for your purchases through a variety of methods.

All eCommerce websites have their own membership options. You will have to make an account on these websites to access them and then use your login information to sign in whenever you want to make a purchase through these websites.

Right now, eCommerce websites are quite cautious about their security requirements, especially for their customers. This is because monetary transactions are done directly through the website. Hence, they need to provide methods such as SSL encryption, which keeps the online identity of their customers safe.

There are some other variations of eCommerce websites. If a website sells products to another business, which will likely sell it forward, then too it is called as an eCommerce website. Similarly, some eCommerce websites will allow their customers to sell products for a marginally higher amount to other customers, thus making a profit in the commissions they can earn.

Via Affiliate Marketing

Strictly speaking, affiliate marketing is not directly selling any goods or services. All an affiliate marketer does is to promote a particular link on their website, blog, or another similar place that they own on the Internet, and earn through the clicks that they are able to get from visitors.

The people whom they are promoting are called as the advertisers, while the affiliate marketers themselves are called as the hosts. The advertisers will usually pay the hosts a proportion of the sales that they get from them (known as the Pay Per Sale model) or a direct commission based on the number of clicks that they obtain (known as the Pay Per Click model). The latter is the more popular method of the two.

Affiliate marketing programs cannot be standalone businesses, though there is a lot of money involved—most times without any installment—for the marketers themselves. However, the advertisers are usually entities that have eCommerce websites of their own where they are selling a product or service.

Though there are other prevalent models too, when we talk about Internet marketing in the current scenario, we usually speak of one of the above methods. If you want to make money through the Internet as well, you will need to choose between one of these methods, which is certainly where the real money lies.

Internet marketing includes all the methods you can employ in order to implement such businesses as well as the methods that you can use in order to promote them. In fact, for any Internet marketer, the heaviest part of their duties is to reach out to their target audience, which is known in the Internet marketing parlance as a niche. They usually spend a lot of time and effort in reaching out to this niche.

These methods include affiliate marketing itself (if they are an eCommerce website), and other methods such as email marketing, blogging, article marketing, search engine optimization, directory submissions, social networking, and many others. A lot of webmasters are dealing with several paid and free advertising options to reach out to their niche public. The definition of Internet marketing also includes all these different promotional strategies that are inevitably used for promoting the products and services that the Internet marketers sell.

The Advantages of Internet Marketing

Something that has become so popular will certainly have a lot of advantages. Internet marketing is a popular concept because it gives marketers many benefits. Let us briefly take a look at them.

  1. This is a form of global marketing. When promoting certain products on the Internet, you are not subject to geographical restrictions. You can easily connect with people in other parts of the world. In fact, many large multinational companies’ websites use different languages, and they actually internationalize their content (for example, converting $ to £) so that their business can also be well received in other areas. If you are looking for truly global business, then the Internet is your best choice.
  1. Considering its scope of influence, Internet marketing is the cheapest form of advertising. In fact, some preliminary preparations you have to do do not want you to spend any money at all. For example, if you write an article and publish it in a popular article directory, and display your business link below it, you will not need any fees. joining social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook and promoting your products through it does not require you to spend any money. Even if you want to build a website, at least it will cost you a lot of money compared to other popular advertising methods.
  1. Internet marketing is a way to build credibility. In TV and print advertising, you must be creative and creative to attract people’s attention, and through Internet marketing, you can do it once and for all, but most importantly, you must promote the use of good content. This content should provide information. When you do this (writing articles, blog posts, submitting videos, etc.), you yourself gain exposure. People know that you understand yourself. Naturally, this increases your credibility. Regardless of whether your product is sold or not, you have the opportunity to become a kind of Internet.
  1. Another thing about Internet marketing is that it has residual value. Any other type of advertising-most offline methods-has a specific schedule that can be made public. The billboard will be kept for a specific period of time. The TV commercial will run for one minute. The life span of a print advertisement is the same as that of a printed magazine or newspaper. However, Internet advertising can last forever. Certain forms of Internet advertising, such as articles, blogs, and videos, will never be deleted. The networks established by people will never be deleted.
  1. Online marketers can also directly engage with specific audience groups, which also attracts them. Most offline advertising formats will promote themselves to the world, which is why they are such a waste of resources. If the majority of the population does not form a market, then it does not make sense to expose the product to one billion people. For example, it is useless to promote pregnancy clothing to everyone. With Internet marketing, this kind of niche advertising is possible. You can be directly promoted to your target group and get good reviews. Marketers like the fact that they can concentrate on promoting sales and get better responses.
  1. Another thing about Internet marketing is that it may be just a one-person process if needed. Like other upgrade methods, you don’t need a team. You can have it as needed, but it is not required. Most people sit on their home computers in Boxers and PJs, doing all the amazing things they do when they promote products and services in the online world. If you need help, you can get it virtually. You don’t need an office to handle Internet marketing work, which makes things cheaper.
  1. When you conduct Internet marketing activities for a period of time, you will begin to understand this huge advantage-through online marketing, you can plot the progress of your promotional strategy in the form of charts. You can find measurable terms for each technology used. For example, if you run a blog, you can find out how many people have visited your blog and from which parts of the world. If you post a promotional article, you can find out how many people are reading the article.If you have a group of people socializing with your business products and services, you can find out how many other people have visited your group. In fact, you can find out how many people have chosen the list you have on the Internet. You can use a variety of methods to accurately understand the direction of business development. This helps people continuously improve their business methods and become better.
  1. When you use the Internet, there are some ways to promote your products in a very smart way. We now live in a highly interactive online world. You can link promotional methods to Internet about products. You can share links with other websites that display your products, that is, your membership website. You can even make a video and post it on your website or provide a link. All of these are ways for people to better understand your product, which is actually much better than any product they know only to promote offline.
  1. Finally, if you want to keep up with the times, then Internet marketing is the method you should use, no other thinking is required. Nowadays, most novice, skilled marketers are using online marketing to promote their business. If you are already in business, then your competitors are likely already involved. They may already be taking advantage of the huge advantages provided by digital marketing. You don’t want to fall behind in this chase game. You don’t want to give others what you lack technically. This is one of the most important reasons why you should not ignore this promotion.

Constrains of Internet Marketing

When we see the great benefits of Internet marketing, it is also important to understand its limitations. There are not many restrictions, but it may cause you to reconsider. In any case, these Internet marketing flaws generally apply to all marketers, so we are playing a unified game here.

  1. Your customers will not be able to see, touch or smell the product you are selling. They will not have first-hand experience factors like supermarkets. They will have to buy blindly. For most traditional shoppers, this may be a major drawback.
  1. Today, most Internet marketing companies have no “face”. They have a general eCommerce website with featured products to buy, but no Brand-Recognition. This will shut down some online customers who want to understand the business better before purchasing the product. This is actually not a system failure, but the wrong way for some marketers to conduct Internet marketing. With a little understanding of your market and how the world works, you will be able to overcome this shortcoming and give your online business a Brand-Recognition.
  1. The third issue is security. Most people still feel unsafe about buying products over the Internet. They believe that when they use a credit card to buy goods on the Internet, their online identity may be compromised. The various spammers and malware senders on the Internet have not made things easy. However, e-commerce sites are making every effort to increase the security of their business. With encryption and other such methods, they ensure that customers have a secure buying experience.

In essence, Internet marketing has fewer disadvantages than advantages. This is another reason why this trend is so popular. When you are marketing over the Internet, it is almost certain that you will be able to sell your products because the market is so large and you have a way to attract special people. This is why some restrictions should not prevent you from unleashing the potential of such a popular and effective marketing tool.

Chapter 3:

Poised to Change

One of the themes of this eBook is that the Internet marketing world is undergoing a sea change. It is quite different from what it was to start with. The methods have undergone a vast change.

In this chapter, we shall see what these changes have been. We start by understanding a brief history and trends of Internet marketing, which can give an idea of how the Internet marketing world is poised to change in the future.

But the most important part of this chapter is the consolidation of the fact that the Internet marketing world is a rapidly changing world and to keep up with it, we have to move on with the times.

Poised to Change

One very important thing that you should know about the Internet marketing world is that this is a world that is undergoing constant development. The strides that this world has taken in recent times are nothing short of astounding. What began as a simple backup strategy for traditional forms of offline marketing back in the 80s has now blossomed into a full-fledged industry that has taken all the offline marketing methods under its wing. That is quite true; even the multinational corporations of the world rely more on their online marketing modes and consider offline marketing only as consolidation for its Internet-based counterpart.

All this could not have happened without the rapid changes that have occurred in the Internet marketing world over the last two decades.

How Internet Marketing Began

Internet marketing had its early roots in the late twentieth century. In fact, by the early nineties of this century, there was a slow growth in Internet marketing. In this time, websites were mainly text-based and they were used to give information regarding a certain product or service. The websites started having an impact as they could be accessed from any part of the world.

The first company that launched an Internet marketing campaign was Bristol-Myers  Squibb. They launched the use of online marketing officially during the 1990s.  It was a  United  States of America based company which initially had plans to use the online platform to create international awareness of a drug called  “Excedrin”. When it was marketing the drug,  the company gave some free samples to anyone who wanted to get it through the use of the Internet.

The use of the Internet to do marketing started picking up after the company recorded an increase of about thirty thousand people in a few days. These were people who had joined their online customer list. After this time, there were other companies who started using the Internet to market their goods. For example, technology industries that were standardized like IBM and Microsoft started incorporation of their Internet providers and programs in the Bristol-Myers marketing campaigns.

There are some companies that were able to make a huge profit from online marketing campaigns. Yahoo! It was the first company to make money from online marketing activities. Yahoo’s website quickly became a traffic generator. They began to monitor the number of clicks that each advertisement received from online users. This started around 1997, and by 2000, many changes have taken place. Most marketing companies that advertise online must tighten revenue. They did this because they were forced to comply by Yahoo. During this period, the company recorded a decrease in the online marketing company’s customers. This is due to the so-called “cooling phase” of the US economy.

Expenses Used during Early Internet Marketing

In the mid-1990s, the cost of Internet marketing was very high. Recorded the amount of US$300 Billion used for online marketing in 1996. The recorded amount has been used by the United States, Canada, and some countries/regions adjacent to the region.

This is almost twice the amount used in traditional marketing methods in 1994. This means that online marketing platforms have gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time. This is just beginning to be continuous. When the Internet was used for a home business, the growth rate was high. The second is the increase in US Internet users in the mid-1990s.

In those early times, the promotion was done just by having a simple eCommerce website where the product was described, mostly with a picture. In fact, most of these eCommerce websites were not even real eCommerce websites because they did not have options for customers to pay and buy the product. These were only a way for people to get accustomed to the product, find information on it, and then they had to visit a nearby store to buy it.

This slowly underwent a change. When the financial biggies of the world realized what great opportunity lay in this world, they were quick to jump into the bandwagon and unleash their different payment modes onto these websites, making them truly eCommerce websites. Thus, methods such as credit card payments (MasterCard and VISA were the first to join in), and online bank transfers (PayPal and Moneybookers being the most prominent) were linked to eCommerce websites. People suddenly realized that they could buy products directly from the Internet. Internet marketing, as they knew it, underwent major strides.

Then in the 1990s, the concept of Web 2.0 began to emerge. Marketers now realize that they can do more to get their products there. They can do more to improve product visibility. The beginning of this work was through Article Marketing and later through blogging.

Marketers find that they can write informational articles about their products and services without directly naming their products or publishing them in free and paid catalogs, which can all be found on the Internet. They found that doing so attracted many readers, mainly those who were already looking for information related to their business. These people then clicked the link below the article and visited the marketer’s website. The concept of “niche marketing” was developed.

With blogging, a whole new interactive world was unleashed onto the Internet. Marketers had the time of their lives writing about whatever they felt about the industry they were dealing in, and common people found it an amazing thing to be able to remark and comment on these ‘posts’. Suddenly, the line between the seller and the buyer vanished. Everyone was in the same boat. Marketers were no longer promoting their product; they were discussing it with their potential customers. Naturally, this increased the respect that the customer got from the entrepreneurs and businesses increased manifold.

While blogging revolutionized the world of Internet marketing, bringing people closer and thinning the line between the promoters and the prospects, another very important concept was building up. That of video marketing! YouTube had already made its foray in the world and several other similar websites, most notably Metacafe, which allowed people to post videos and share them with the world, came into being. Internet marketers saw infinite possibilities here. They understood that they could make instructional and informative videos and post them on YouTube and that would take their products to a whole new group of Internet visitors. The method worked as nothing had ever done before! People were suddenly bowled over by the fact that they could sit at home and practically see a product being used, repaired, maintained… whatever. Even an unknown product did not seem daunting anymore.

Now, the concept of Web 2.0 really began catching on. It was the late nineties and a new phenomenon gave this entire process a whole new shape. This was the world of social networking. Websites like Facebook and MySpace and then more niche business social networking groups like Twitter and LinkedIn made their appearance.

People saw that they could make their profiles here. They could check other people’s profiles too. They could get to know people in a much better way. They could communicate with anyone they wished. They could make friends on a global basis. They could share information.

Internet marketers were very quick to catch on. What fueled their interest was the fact that they could build groups here. Quickly, Internet marketers made business product and service pages on these social networking websites and started building groups of people. These were mostly people who had opted in to know more about their business. Thus, they were a target crowd.

Viral marketing gained momentum through such social networking websites. Viral marketing happens when someone tells a friend about something they have used, thus recommending the product to them in essence. Marketers found that this was the best way to get their products to the largest number of people in the world. Through these social networking websites, where people were all chatty all the time, they could virally market their products like nowhere else. They now focused on quality so that people would give a favorable opinion about their products and services to their friends because this is what would enhance their business. In essence, this new trend made the Internet marketing world much more stable and reliable.

Along with this, new methods of Internet marketing and promotion came into existence. One of the most notable ones was syndication. Marketers found that they could put up their content at different places on the Internet, where it could reach a greater level of

popularity. The concept of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) also gained roots. People could now subscribe to things that they liked on the Internet, and they could get updates on it whenever they wanted. They did not need to actually visit the website; they would be informed in their email inbox and even given a link to visit that particular place and see the update.

This helped Internet marketers immensely. Earlier people would visit superb websites but then forget all about them as soon as they clicked out. This would not happen anymore. If people like a website, they could subscribe to its feeds and be informed about it whenever an update took place. This was a great way of repeat promotions.

Email marketing had started long ago, while all this was happening. This was a mode in which marketers would solicit permission from interested people all over the world—mostly by giving them free content like eBooks and online memberships—to send emails to them directly. These emails would be generated by autoresponders, and they would give a constant stream of information to these people. Again, this was a great form of repeat marketing, which ensured that people stayed interested and culminated in customers at the end of the day.

Today, Internet marketers have so many resources at their disposal that they often do not use all of them. Most of them are just using a few of the techniques and are still very happy with the way things are headed for them. At the same time, being open to learning and implementing new things is something that an Internet marketer should always look at.

The online marketing world has come so far, and still, it is changing every minute. There are so many new things that are being implemented every minute. Today’s Internet marketing world is mostly a world of trial and error, especially for the people who have just started out. They are open to doing new things and analyzing which of them work for their needs.

These changing trends are mainly because the general consumer base on the Internet has undergone a radical shift. People want things to be easier for them and they want to know everything they can about a product before they bring out their plastic.

Internet marketers of present times know that it is very important to keep track of changing consumer demands and they are making sure they are able to give these things to them. They know that competition is very high right now, with the whole world having converted into practically a single market, and that is the reason they are going all they can in order to give the best that they can.

Since the intention is to get you started off with an Internet marketing business that gives you great profits, it would be a great way to start if you knew what customers of today are looking for. Whatever business you plan, make sure that you can give these benefits to your consumers, because that is what can ensure a wonderful business environment for you.

1. A Great Product

You cannot have a good Internet marketing business going on if you do not have a great product. Your product (or service) is the backbone of everything. If you do a little research on some of the products that are being sold online right now, you will find that almost all of these products have something innovative to offer to their customers. They are either a totally new concept or they enhance their usefulness in some other way that is lacking in other products. Some of them are simply different in their design. Whatever the case may be, there is something different.

When you are designing your Internet marketing products, you have to ensure that you are giving this newness to your customer in some way or the other. That is what makes your product stand away from the crowd.

The second important thing that you have to ensure about your product is that its quality should be topnotch. You have to make sure you are using the best quality materials and the fabrication itself is of very high quality. Do your due quality tests before putting out your product on the market.

If it is a service you are trying to promote, again make sure of the same things. The service should be new in some way or the other—probably make up for a shortcoming that exists in the prevailing industry—and should be well thought of. Make sure you will be able to deliver the service exactly as you promise.

2. A Great Reputation

Even the most casual visitor of the Internet will look for reputable websites and places to visit. There are so many options available on the Internet that this is quite understandable. People today are looking for quality, and the general assumption is that a great reputation means great quality.

You should make every effort to keep your name high. Notch up a good reputation for yourself. One way to do this would be to market yourself through credible places like articles, blogs, and videos that can convert your business and your own name into a brand name. This stamps your credibility. People begin to understand that you know your stuff.

Since people can freely post reviews and comments about businesses right now, this is another thing that you should look into. Ensure that you get garner good reviews all over the Internet. Nothing indicates a better reputation than good reviews on the Internet.

3. Good Value for Money

For the average Internet customer, money matters. In fact, a lot of people shop online because they can save money. This is possible for the sellers themselves because they have fewer overheads. They do not have to spend on staffing and warehousing; they may even not have to spend as much on maintaining accounts and records because their internal software does it for them. Thus, Internet marketers are able to sell products at a cheaper rate. It is this price incentive that most online buyers are looking for.

At the same time, remember that for every inexpensive product on the Internet, there will be someone else who will be selling at a cheaper price. That is the norm on the Internet. But, discerning Internet customers—and there are a lot of them— always look for the value of the product. If your product has an established value and has good feedback from previous buyers, then people won’t mind spending a few dollars extra for it.

4. Clear-Cut Descriptions

Internet buyers will always want to know everything they can about the product. The Internet buying world suffers from the limitation that people cannot get up, close, and personal with the product before they buy it. It is for this reason that the descriptions of the products have to be precise. It is the duty— and sometimes legal requirement—of the Internet marketers to layout proper descriptions of their products, in the form of bulleted lists or some other objective form on their websites.

This requirement becomes all the more important when the product is a food product or a medicinal product. Customers will want to know the complete list of ingredients that make up the product.

If there is any ambiguity about the product, it is likely to lose sales. People who visit a particular product website will want to know precisely what goes into the product so that they know it will be useful for them.

5. Precise Instructions

This is another way to make your product popular on the Internet. Give people all the instructions that they would need. This is especially important if you are selling something that is a mechanical tool of some kind. People should know not only how to use the product, but they should also be able to see how they can do some repairs on the product themselves in case of an anomaly.

This has become much easier today with the availability of video sharing websites such as YouTube. Now, you can put demonstrations of the product as well as DIY repairs as videos on these websites from where people can access them. When people see that it is easy to use your product, or even if they just see the product in action, they will be more confident about buying it.

6. Money-back Guarantees

It has become a trend in the online marketing world to give money-back assurances to people. This is a consequence of the fact that people cannot touch, smell, or see the products that they come across in the online marketing world. For most people buying these products, they have to act on their faith and nothing more than that.

This could be terribly disadvantageous to the buyer if they spend on a product and then find out it is not what they actually hoped it to be. At such a time, a money-back guarantee would be appreciated.

Different Internet marketers have different refund policies. Most of them are now offering a 100% refund without asking any questions. For this reason, customers have begun to look for such guarantees in all items purchased.

7. Great Support

When buying products off the Internet, great support is called for. There should be a support team that works at solving any customer queries, before and after the purchase. They are wanted to answer any questions before making the purchase and for proper usage and troubleshooting needs when the product has been actually purchased.

You will find information about support usually on a separate tab on all eCommerce websites. This is a way of impressing upon people what kind of benefits they can get in terms of their during and after-sales services. A lot of Internet marketers, especially those who are marketing their products globally offer 24/7 support. But, the majority of them still handle support through email, which is generally answered within 24 hours.

8. An Opportunity to Interact

This is a very new trend in the Internet marketing world, but it has grown to immense proportions. Right now, people are looking for an opportunity to interact with the sellers of any Internet marketing product before they can actually consider buying these products. This is usually done through Web 2.0 websites such as social networking websites and video submission websites and also through the eCommerce websites themselves.

They would like an opportunity to get to know the seller and probably even personally interact with them before they spend on their product. Through blogs and forums, almost all Internet marketers try to get into the field and speak with their market so that they can establish their stamp of credibility.

So, you can see the customer expectations have increased quite a lot from what they were previously. That is the reason even you, as an Internet marketer, will need to keep changing your game if you want to fit in well with the recent trends and leave your mark in the industry.

Chapter 4:

The Driving Force of Internet Marketing

What keeps the world of Internet marketing going? What is its fuel, the energy that it drives on? The answer to that would be the reason why billions of people visit the Internet each day. Why do people come to the Internet? We need to know the answer to that in order to find out what makes it possible to build a whole business world on the Internet.

The answer to that is knowledge. People may come to the Internet for various reasons, but the one reason that really keeps the Internet world ticking is the quest for knowledge.

Most of the people come here to know something or the other, whether it is to find out the walkthrough for the latest installment of Call of Duty or it is to find out how to install a sump pump in their factory.

There best thing is that the Internet never disappoints any of these people in their quest for knowledge, however different their requests may be. It always tells them what they like to know, and in highly effective ways.

You may have used the Internet on several occasions to find something out too. But, one thing that you might not have realized at that time—and that thing may be screaming out to you right now—is that when you looked for that information, some of the other product was promoted to you. You were the part of a big promotional strategy, and that becomes one of the cornerstones on which the world of Internet marketing stands.

The basic mantra of Internet marketing is that give people information, and give them a product in the process. Make them a part of your business. This is what most people are looking for anyway. They do not mind the hard sell if they are getting the information they want.

In this chapter, we are going into the details of how this works. We are going to see what the average Internet user is looking for, and what mindsets they have when they are using the Internet.

This is a highly important chapter for you because if you want to become a successful Internet marketer, it is important that you are able to delve into the subconscious of your potential customers’ minds.

The Driving Force of Internet Marketing

Before we get into the tricks and techniques that work in the online world, it would be a great idea to first understand the mindset that works here. In the previous chapter, we saw what the customer is looking for. They seem to be like too many things, but at the end of the day, there is just one thing that really motivates the online customer today. And, that is information.

Information can rightfully be called the driving force of Internet marketing today. It is information that people are looking for, and it is information that compels them to buy a product.

There are so many examples where people have been looking for information on how to make a particular task easier and then stumbled on some product that does that for them. They research about that new product a little, they read reviews, they check out videos and if they like everything, they may even interact with the sellers of the product. That is it… this may eventually lead to a sale. An entirely new product that the world doesn’t yet know about fully ends up getting sold just because someone was looking for information.

That is why you should focus on providing information. That is one of the most profound ways to notch up sales in the online world right now.

What Kind of Information?

Text-based Information

Previously,  it  was  text-based  informationthat  was  all  that  was needed. This information was given out in the form of basic website content.  Marketers would post articles on their websites themselves and if people liked them, they would get the link to buy the product right away. In present times, you have the option to put up text-based information on the article directories as well. Here are 10 of the most popular article directories where you can put up information about your product or service:-

® EzineArticles (

® Articles Base (

® Article City (

® Article Alley (

® Buzzle (

® iSnare (

® Go Articles (

® Associated Content (

® Amazines (

® Article Directory (

These are article directories that take up general content. However, if you are looking for some specific type of content to post, then you could consider the following:-

® eHow ( – This directory specializes in how-to content, DIY articles, things like that.

® HowStuffWorks (http://www.howstuffworks/) – This is an article directory for content on scientific reasons for why things work.

If you are looking at a more interactive experience where people can share and distribute your articles with their friends in a better manner, then you should take a look at these websites:-

® Knol (

® HubPages (

® Squidoo (

® Helium (

® Bukisa (

® SearchWarp (

® Article Dashboard (

Why are these places so popular? The reason for that lies in the fact that people can get the information they want here. All these directories have their easy search tabs where you can type whatever you want and you can find information. As an Internet marketer, you can leverage this to your advantage. You can put up articles on topics that people want to read about. All these directories have top SEO rankings, which means they will automatically show up in the search engine results without people needing to look for them by name. So, if your article has the right keywords, then it is enough to bring your article to the top of the search engine pages. People will read them and, if they like what you have written, they will click your business link and visit there.

At the end of the day, remember that it is knowledge and information that attracts the people on the Internet. You have to ensure that you provide them with these basic necessaries. If you are able to do that, with high quality, then you can be assured of a continuous flow of traffic to your online business.

Another way in which you can use text-based marketing is through blogs. You could build a blog for yourself by using the following (

However, if you are looking for a more professional blog, through which you could run a business, then you might want to have a blog through the following resource:- (

Both these resources are great to get you started with your blog. There is no learning curve with Blogger whatsoever; only with WordPress, you might need to go through a little training until you are set up. In any case, both these blogging platforms can help you become a great blogger quite easily.

Blogs are great for giving out information because you can make posts here. These posts can contain your opinions about your industry, which helps in establishing your credibility in the online world. You tell people what you know about the product or service that you are dealing with and they, in return, tell you what they think. Blogs are places where people can place their comments and remarks on what you write; hence, they are a truly interactive portal that helps you come closer to your clients.

A successful blog is one that is updated constantly. It is a place where you post regular articles so that people can read them and give their opinions if necessary. You should note that a regularly updated blog is also viewed favorably by the search engines. When you make regular posts, it counts for good search engine optimization as well.

Video-based Information

In recent times, though text-based information is still quite popular, people are relying more on video-based information for their needs. This kind of information is becoming more popular because it can show people visually what they are looking for.

For example, if you are selling a water purification machine for the home, you could do very well to show a demonstration of the product in a short video rather than in an article. The article has its own advantages, but the video creates a visual appeal for the product. People can see the video and right away understand what you are trying to tell them. Hence, a video can make a greater impact on the general public.

The biggest resource for distributing video-based information is YouTube. You can make a free account for yourself here:-

Once you have an account here, you can start uploading videos. With YouTube, you can easily accept videos in most formats. You simply create a video through your digital camera or camcorder and then directly upload it on the Internet. This video has a limitation of size, which depends on the quality of the video, but you could easily make a 10-minute video if you want and post it on YouTube. That is more than enough time to tell what you want to tell. In any case, there are people who make just 1-minute videos and generate an absolutely strong impact in the market with just those.

YouTube is not the only video marketing website out there right now. There are many others, though none of them are as popular as YouTube. The following are three others that can be used for your marketing purposes.

® Metacafe (

® Revver (

® Viddler (

With all these video submission websites, you are permitted to post your marketing videos. YouTube is, of course, more special than the others. It has more features than other websites. One of the most amazing special features that YouTube has is that it allows you to post your business link in the video itself and make it clickable. So, anyone who views your video may click at a link within the video itself and visit your business website, which will be loading in the background.

Another specialty of these video submission websites is that they allow people to post comments about the videos and to share the videos with their friends. The commenting feature is certainly very useful. It helps keep your video in the reckoning. It also helps the video link to be regularly clicked upon, and keeps it updated, due to which the search engines begin viewing your video links more favorably.

With YouTube, you can also make a channel for yourself. On this channel, you can keep submitting several videos about your business. The more videos you submit, the more popular you can become and the greater is your chance of exposing your product to the public. There are marketers who make a series of videos. For instance, if they want to explain how to use a software application they have developed, they do not need to do it all in one video. They can make a series out of it, and they can post them all on YouTube.

People who like one video are immediately shown the other video in the list by the YouTube internal software. This is a great way to keep a person riveted to the information you are trying to give them. If someone is really interested, they will check out all your videos and then become totally impressed with you, and may visit your business link with the intention of doing business with you.

At the end of the day, it is information that you have to give out if you want to reach the levels of super popularity on the Internet. The bulk of the people who visit the Internet are doing so because they are looking for something. They may not be interested in buying something right away, but Internet marketing is a domain of soft sell. You don’t ask someone to buy a product or service right away, because that kind of blatant advertising would never do on the Internet. Instead, you work at arousing the interest in your public in the product or service that you are trying to sell. If you are able to hook people’s attention to realistic levels, then these people will become your customers sometime in the future.

Why Video Marketing Works Better than Text Marketing

The human mind has a tendency to visualize things. Whenever someone thinks of something then his or her mind starts visualizing it. That is why it is a good idea to produce a video for marketing purposes in order to capture everyone’s mind than using simple text.

Nowadays the world is all about helping people to look at something just by a click of a button. Not everybody has the patience to read text-based advertisements. Videos are not just attractive but also less time-consuming. For example, it will take much more time in reading a text message, whether it is in the form of a blog post or an article than watching a quick video advertisement.

Moreover, many people love to look at things before reading about them. As such, marketing by videos has become very popular these days. Most marketers regard video marketing as a boon to their business.

Video marketing can create a great impact on the minds of people than text-based marketing. Moreover, it is this reason why most of the conventional and online advertisers are opting for video clips. However, these video clips about the target product will not cause the immediate purchase of the product, but you can spread your marketing message to your targeted audience.

What is more believable? Of course, the things which can be seen in front of the eyes are more believable than static texts.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • In case of internet marketing, the video clips can be used to share the consumer’s reviews about the product and it thereby puts up the brand’s
  • Would you believe in a static text or a video clip that demonstrates the working of the product? The answer is simple; the different queries about the product can be cleared off while watching the video clip
  • The video marketing creates an “on-demand” benefit for the viewers as the videos can be watched any time instead of boring text.
  • People will remember and memorize videos and sounds better than static text. This attracts them more than the text advertisement.
  • Online marketers prefer internet marketing videos to attract people to visit their
  • A recent report shows that in the year 2009, the time spent by Americans in watching the video clips was up to 9%.
  • Millions of people go through the video sharing sites like Metacafe, YouTube, etc. on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, a video ad accessed by such people can guarantee

For video marketing to hit the market, the first thing you need to have is an excellent video clip that can hit people’s minds. The video must be precise and highly relevant to your product. Online videos are becoming more and more popular as they help to attract the maximum number of customers around the world. The online video definitely is the most cost-effective way as it is inexpensive and reaches the target customers faster than TV ads.

Why Video Marketers Are Paying Great Attention to YouTube

On the well-known video-sharing website YouTube, people can upload and view videos in all categories. It is the second-largest search engine on the Internet, with about 10 billion video clips being viewed every month. Every day, many people around the world watch hundreds of videos. On the website, these video clips can all display the title on the homepage.

Due to this, most of the Internet marketers nowadays are making use of YouTube to upload their ads to attract viewers to their site. They do this in order to get a high Google page ranking for their website. This clearly shows that the key business strategy of most of the internet marketers is video marketing.

Most of the Internet marketers believe that YouTube is an excellent way to generate free links and traffic to their website. They also strongly believe that you miss a great step to build your business if you are not using the YouTube marketing strategy.

It may be a time-consuming task to perform internet marketing using YouTube videos. But most of the people still use YouTube marketing to expand their business.

Many people use videos as a source of entertainment but a lot of videos are being watched by people to search for help and information. There are more than 30 million ‘how to’ video searches each month. This means that there are about 30 million opportunities for marketers to reach their target customers.

Most marketers give great attention to YouTube marketing as it is less complicated and famous equally among old and young. And it definitely promotes your website and business by connecting with people around the world. Here are the reasons why most internet marketers give great attention to YouTube marketing.

  • The marketing messages are clearer in videos than in text messages.
  • The target customers get a chance to view the videos freely than paid media
  • The marketers have full control over the marketing message
  • The marketers can provide a lot of information using video marketing
  • Reports show that more than 50% of the Americans spent most of their time watching online video. Therefore most marketers grab this opportunity to attract many
  • Most of the internet marketers are adding Youtube marketing videos into their webpage to generate traffic to their

Most of the marketers believe that if the viewers find it interesting and stay longer on your site, then there are more chances to increase their sales. YouTube marketing is a very common trend that tends to grow more and more. The idea behind this is to attract your customer into clicking through your webpage. Nevertheless, the marketers must remember to give relevant, short, and useful information on the video. It is for these reasons that Internet marketers focus on YouTube marketing videos that in turn generate or increase traffic and sales to their business.

Chapter 5:

Unleashing the Might of Social Networking

Social networking is the phenomenon that defined the whole of the last decade and it is still going strong. Most people of the world who access the Internet regularly are on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, or the assorted social networking websites that are popularly used in the world. Chances are that you are present on these networks as well.

Marketers have rightfully understood the amazing business potential of these domains. They have realized how they can tap into these and create a whole band of dedicated followers for their business.

Here we take a look at the best social networking websites we have and how they can be used to further our Internet marketing desires.

Unleashing the Might of Social Networking

If you have read thus far, you will have understood one important thing about the Internet marketing world. In one word, that is change. The Internet marketing world knows how to change at every instant. It intricately analyzes what the people are clamoring for, and then it gives it to them. It understands market trends consistently, and it tries to find out what really builds public interest.

Right now, it would not be wrong to say that the world belongs to social networking. This is at least true in the urban parts of the world where the Internet has proliferated like wildfire. Almost everyone— from the fifth-grader to the corporate business owner—is talking about being on one or the other social network. They are found hobnobbing with each other here, and the world has become suddenly much smaller because of the presence of these social networking websites.

That is quite true! People who weren’t in close contact until, say, 10 years ago are now suddenly bosom buddies because they are sharing their likes and dislikes on a social networking portal. The line between the employee and the employer has also suddenly thinned because both of them may be playing  Farmville on Facebook when they are not working. It is also possible that a student might be giving advice to a teacher about something that they are an expert in, again through a social networking website.

If this is not a revolutionary change, then what is?

And, if such major changes are happening in the Internet world, then can the Internet marketing domain be left far behind? Definitely not! Internet marketing gurus have long understood the great potential of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, WAYN, Hi5, Orkut, and others and they have not only made profiles for themselves here, but they have built entire communities of people who are interested in their products.

Businesses are going on all the while over these social networking websites. Sometimes these are happening surreptitiously without the rest of the group not coming to know what is going on, while sometimes the promotion is quite public with everyone in the group understanding that there is something afoot. People know that they are being marketed to on these social networking websites, but still, their lure is too strong to give them a miss.

Benefits of Social Networking

So, why are these social networking sites such a big hit in the Internet marketing world today? Here are the reasons.

  1. The first—and probably the most important reason—is the attraction of the phenomenon of social networking in today’s world. Almost everyone is socially linking with everyone else they know, and even with a lot of other people that they do not know. The best thing is the fun factor that is involved here. When they are linking with someone, they are not thinking of anything more than some casual communication. Adding to the fun experience is the various activities that are present on these websites, like Facebook with its various applications. That is the reason people crowd here. They want to stay in touch with their friends and have fun with them. The social networking sites right now have become the virtual equivalent of hanging out with friends. Marketers can definitely take advantage of this mindset. Since these people will crowd here for the fun factor, why not market something to them while they are at it? It works… a lot of people find out about something and then decide to look at it more closely.
  1. Social networking websites are a great place for viral marketing as well. Viral marketing is when people recommend a product or service to their group of friends. They may do it with the sole intention of telling about something useful to their friend and not have any marketing intention in mind. Haven’t we done it often too? When we read a good book, we recommend it to others. In doing so, we do not earn anything, but it is our human nature to share things we like. That is exactly what Internet marketers are looking for here. The potential is immense. If there is a good product circulating in a social group, then it will be spoken about quite fast and the product can really catch on. Experts believe that viral marketing is the best form of marketing right now because a friend’s recommendation can mean more to people than anything.
  1. The other big advantage of social networking is that niche groups can be built very fast. Most of these have search engines of their own where you can find people through relevant keywords. You can find out what these people are interested in, and if your product or service is related to the things they are interested in, then you could add them to your group or community, or you could link with them in any other way that the social networking website allows you to do. Once that is established, you have a good chance of informing people about your product more and interesting them in it. There is a strong likelihood that these people will be interested in what you are trying to sell them.
  1. Social networking also helps in building better traffic over the Internet. You can connect with people who will already have groups of their own. So, when you are connecting with a person, you are actually building a possibility of connecting with their entire group. In business, numbers definitely matter. If you are making your product visible to a large number of people, you are easily increasing your possibility of generating
  1. A very important benefit (although it may not apply to everyone) is that it helps increase access to the local target market. If you want to sell products in a specific area, then local marketing is important to you. Social networks can help because you can connect with locals, which increases their chances of visiting local stores and trying to get the product or service they want to promote.

Top 5 Social Networking Places

If you are looking for building your brand and your business itself through social networking, then you should consider the following important places to promote your products in.

  1. Facebook – This is quite easily the most popular social networking website right now, with a huge global outreach. There are millions of people from all over the world connecting continuously through Facebook. If you are looking at a place where you can find the highest number of people to connect with, and possibilities to connect with their friends as well, then Facebook is the place that you should consider. At the same time, it really helps people who visit Facebook come there with an open mind. Their intention is to have fun. In fact, some of the applications on Facebook like Farmville, Social City, and Mafia Wars have become immensely popular. When people come with an open mind like that, there are chances that they will be more receptive to what you have to tell
  1. MySpace – MySpace’s popularity has dwindled over the years, especially due to stiff competition from Facebook, but still it is a force to reckon with. The best part in MySpace is that you can easily find people of particular interest. If you are trying to promote a product here, then things become easier for you due to this feature. Today, MySpace is still quite big among US citizens but it is practically absent from most other parts of the world… that is something you have to keep in mind as
  1. Twitter – Twitter is kind of a microblog in which several people can post updated comments at any time. This was a very new concept of networking at that time and hasn’t been duplicated yet. You can say short things on Twitter that you want your people to know. These are known as tweets. You can post your own tweets as well as read other people’s tweets. If you like someone, you can follow them. If you stop liking someone, you can unfollow them. This is great for your business. If someone is impressed with what you are trying to sell them, then they can follow you to let you know more about
  1. Flickr – Flickr is different because it is a photo-sharing website. It was again a pioneering concept when it was launched—the concept of being able to share pictures was something new—and though it has been imitated a lot, Flickr still remains the original one. Flickr helps you to make your account on the website and then you can load your photos. You could post photos of your products as a means of promotion. If people like your pictures, they will connect with you. You can impress them with your product images and then they will want to know more about
  1. Digg – Digg is another relatively new concept that has really caught on. With Digg, you can post your own content which is usually some news article or some media. When people like it, they can Digg it, which allows them to post their comments on the content or give a rating for it. The content with the largest number of Diggs gets the most popular and is viewed by a large number of people. If you think about it, this is a wonderful way to bring your product out into the open.

Apart from these, here are some other really popular and effective social networking places where you can put your content on. These are places where people can find your content, and interact with it in several ways, thus enhancing your business in several ways.

  1. StumbleUpon
  2. FriendFeed
  4. Diigo
  5. eKudos
  6. BlogMarks
  7. LiveJournal
  8. Bebo
  9. BlinkList
  10. Evernote
  11. Google Buzz
  12. Google Reader
  13. JumpTags
  14. Ning
  15. Newsvine
  16. Netvouz
  17. NetVibes
  18. N4G
  19. Mixx
  20. MyLinkVault
  21. Mister Wong
  22. fm
  1. Plurk
  2. PrintFriendly
  3. Slash Dot
  4. Squidoo
  5. Twittley
  6. Buzz Up!
  7. TechMeme
  8. AOL’s Propeller

Try popularizing your content on all of these places if you can. You will be building an amazing viewer base for your articles and you will be really able to reach out to your niche crowd.

Chapter 6:

Getting and Retaining Customers—The New Mantras

The new world Internet is not just about getting customers. The focus right now is on retaining the customers that you already have. Even while they are creating strategies to bring new customers into their fray, Internet marketers are constantly trying to keep their old customers interested as well.

In this chapter, we shall see the importance of this, and then see the various ways in which such customer retention strategies can be easily employed.

Getting and Retaining Customers—The New Mantras

In the entire survival process of Internet marketing, various changes have been continuously strengthened. Recently, the changes have been very positive. With the popularity of this marketing method, marketers have discovered that more and more methods can improve their business prospects.

Internet marketers have now realized that the most profound way to attract customers is to spread themselves across the Internet without ambiguity. People must know their business closely; this is how they can do more business on their own. Currently, Internet marketers are trying to increase their sales by providing people with various information about their products and services. To help them, the Internet provides them with various resources so that they can better connect with their customer base.

In the past few chapters, we have been looking at how people use different methods (from articles to videos to social networking methods) to stay close to potential markets. Marketers use all these methods and more to attract customers.

However, in addition to acquiring customers, retaining customers is very important. This is especially important in the Internet marketing world where every customer is considered special and cherished. Moreover, because Internet marketers don’t always want customers to keep passing by, they rely on repeat business to make money. In many cases, the same business promotes products and services to the same customer, and the products of affiliate partners are promoted to customers so that they can be kept in the loop for more business in the future.

All of this is due to the tendency of Internet marketers to build customer bases. Utilizing various resources such as autoresponders and excellent after-sales service, Internet marketers always try to retain their customers. This is what helps them survive in this highly competitive world.

To understand this better, let us look at a few new-age theories that Internet marketers keep at the core of their businesses.

Customers should come to the sellers, not the other way ROUND

If you have been fed on the old-age strategies of marketing, then you will find it very difficult to digest it. In olden days, reaching out to customers meant cold-calling or door-to-door sales or advertising into their living rooms through television sets and newspapers, regardless of whether they wanted such intrusions or not.

Naturally, this kind of advertising was abhorred. People did not like being sold to, and most businesses found it very difficult to rise above the level of mediocrity.

Today, the concept of marketing has undergone a volte-face. The reason behind this is that now marketers do not go out to the customers; the customers come to them. The Internet has made it possible. Internet marketers will now submit an article to a directory or write a blog post or submit a video or post a comment on a social networking website. In none of these ways are the people advertising their product or service blatantly. There is no intrusion of any sort. No one’s privacy is invaded.

People who are looking for information will automatically find all these contents. They will search using a keyword and they will find these things in the search engine results, where they will visit.

So, in effect, the seller hasn’t called upon the customer in any manner directly, but the customer has come to the seller. This is a very dignified manner of advertising, and the results are better too. If people come looking for a product, they are more likely to buy it. There is no feeling of being sold to; hence, even the customer feels dignified about making the purchase.

Customers should get the best value

This is the mantra of every Internet marketer right now. Every marketer is making it an important point on their agenda to give their customers the best they can. This has become all the more important in the wake of all the competition that prevails on the Internet. Just look for any random product—such as leather boots, for instance— and you are sure to find hundreds of options. What is it that will make a customer come to you then?

There are many ways to do that, and we have already discussed many of the promotional methods that can work for you in this time and age, but the most important thing is still the most traditional belief—

“If you give customers a good value for their money, then they will come knocking at your door more than once.”

This is what modern Internet marketers have definitely understood right now. They have understood that they should stretch their limits so that they can give their customers the best they can. They are using high-quality products, and the most important thing is that they are spending on the creativity factor to make new things so that they can entice the attention of the fickle-minded customer of today.

So, this is one thing that you have to remember throughout your Internet marketing life. You have to remember to give people their money’s worth and possibly give them more than that. It will always pay off in the world of Internet marketing.

An Ounce of Support Is Worth a Ton of Business

Another very important theory that Internet marketers abide by in present times is that they need to provide the best level of aftersales service and other kinds of support to their customers. They need to be with their customers whenever they need them, even after the sale has been done.

This is definitely much more important in the world of Internet marketing because the customer cannot actually see the product before they buy it. They do not know of the small things that might be associated with the product and because of that they may find things a bit difficult when they buy the product and try to use it. At such times, it is important to guarantee them aftersales support.

Customers are slowly coming out of their inhibitions and are beginning to buy more and more products online, but they require the assurance that they will be given good support.

When the support is good, it becomes easier for an Internet marketer to upsell. If they have any other product in the future, they can try to interest their customer in that product as well. However, if the aftersales support after the first product has been shoddy, then it is quite unlikely that the customer would want to use them for a second time around.

There are many ways in which such support can be provided to the customers, even without physical presence. A lot of Internet marketers are significantly investing in autoresponder software applications. These are automated messages that are sent to a customer’s email address. These automated messages could have any kind of content, and they can be planned in such a way that particular queries attract particular kinds of responses. By using autoresponders, customers get the impression that there is someone looking after their needs.

Give Them a Chance to Say Something

With the way Internet marketing is going, there is another very special thought that marketers have begun to believe. This is the idea of letting the customers speak out their minds. In earlier days, marketers were quite skeptical about what their customers might say about them. But this is definitely not the case today. Today, customers are given the chance to speak out their minds. In fact, there are few online businesses that will ask customers to give their valuable feedback once they have made their purchase.

There are many ways to let customers speak out their minds. Two of the biggest online stores in the world today—Amazon ( and eBay ( actually have options where buyers can post their comments about the product and the quality of service that they dealt with. These reviews become a revelation for other people who are contemplating on buying the same product.

You will find the same mentality in several of the Internet marketing websites that we spoke about. Each of these places can be considered as a mecca for Internet marketers because this is where they can get into the very groove of their customer base and ask them what they need. Their reviews can certainly help them beef up the popularity of their own business and they can enhance the scope of their business.

Internet marketers have to be wary about the nature of their businesses and what they are promoting. The legality of the product has to be ensured. As it is mandatory by law to give all information they can about their products, this becomes something that’s essential to do as well.

Customers Can Bring More Customers

This is a very important belief in the current generation. Internet marketers believe in the hilt that once they have a steady group of customers, then they will be able to bring more customers.

Once again, this has its roots in the concept of viral marketing. When someone over the Internet likes something, they are so much more likely to recommend it to their friends than if they were liking it in the offline world. For example, when someone likes a video, it is just a matter of a couple of clicks to share that video with a whole social networking group that they are part of. There are so many times that people like things on YouTube and then with just a few clicks share that entire video through their Facebook profile.

There are many more aspects to this. It is possible that someone who likes a product that they have used—even in the offline world—will write a review about it, or post something about it on the Facebook wall or tweet about it. By doing all these things, the posters may be acting on their enthusiasm for liking something, but unknown to them, they are acting as mouthpieces for the product itself.

This is what Internet marketers rely on. They know that their products can be taken to greater shores by the customers that they get. Hence, they try to bowl their customers over with great quality and service, and then these customers carry their name forward. With minimal advertising and advertising that sustains, Internet marketers can really keep their business going, and focus on growing it all the time.

Chapter 7:

Old-Age Internet Marketing Methods that Still Work

While several new Internet marketing methods are making their presence felt with each passing day, at the same time, the old methods are not forgotten.

Like wine in a bottle, they have only gotten better with time. There are so many ways in which the conventional methods can be harnessed to bring in a steady trickle of faithful customers on a continuous basis.

In this chapter, we shall take a look at such methods.

Old-Age Internet Marketing Methods that Still Work

While we have been talking of so many new Internet marketing methods that people are using to the hilt nowadays, we also need to bear in mind that the old-age methods aren’t exactly passé. In fact, an avid Internet marketer will first start by employing the traditional marketing methods, and then go on to employ the new-fangled ones. It is the healthy mélange of all different kinds of methods that can give people the satisfaction of having marketed well and bring the results that they are looking for.

Some of the old-age methods that are still prevalent today—actually all of them still are—include link building where you share your links with other people in various ways and make your business website more popular, article marketing and blogging of which you already have an idea through previous chapters, and affiliate marketing where someone promotes your eCommerce website and you pay them in proportion to the clicks, sales or leads that they are able to bring to your business.

Each of these methods has its charm intact still and they do bring in results as well. The best thing is that all these methods are quite free to use. There is nothing or nobody you have to pay for, except for the effort that you might have to take in. However, for the diligent Internet marketer, this effort is not a big ordeal… it is all part of the big game.

Link building is something that has been popular since the inception of search engine optimization. As this is the case, one will need to make sure that they have the right information with regard to this platform in order for them to succeed in it. Before a person understands what it entails, it is advisable for them to have an idea of what it means.

In general terms, link building can be defined as the art of creating inbound links that go directly to their site. The links that are used for such a situation are known as reciprocal links. The reciprocal links are normally listed in article directories and newsletters. Using link building is advised for people who want to have a lot of traffic on their sites. There are many types and one of them is reciprocal linking.

Reciprocal links are sometimes termed as a link exchange. These terms are used to show when two owners of a website decide to show each other’s link on their sites. When these sites are liked this way, it will indirectly increase the traffic to each of them. When the traffic is increased, the ranking by search engines improves. This improvement becomes more when there is a lot of link building on a site. This process has several advantages that some people might not know about.

One advantage of link building is that it is used to get quality traffic. The traffic is gotten from sites that have a similar platform as the one that is being linked. This being the case, the traffic that is generated is not spam but actual traffic. The following fact of having a lot of quality traffic is that the site is perceived to be a valuable resource. Apart from benefitting the users, link building is seen to be something that creates awareness, credibility, and visibility of the website. This will turn to cause a rise in revenue in terms of sales and advertisements.

Ultimately, the greatest and best advantage is that it improves the indexing in all search engines. Indexing in search engines is done by the quality of traffic that is generated. This is why search engines that have a lot of poor traffic will not be ranked higher than those that have average high quality traffic. In the present day, links have been very popular such that people who own websites are always looking for ways that they can buy more links. As a result, there are people who are in the business of creating links and selling them over the Internet. This has caused an opportunity for people to earn some extra cash while creating jobs for those who have knowledge of the business. There are companies that can also help a person make links. These companies are normally referred to as directories. A list of some of these directories follows below:


To get a list of more of these sites, you can check

Uses of Directories

A web directory is a website just like any other website. The difference is that it will have a collection of web pages that have more or less the same content. This means that a directory of medicine will have web pages that are mainly about medicine. The first use of web directories is being a source of information for people. Most of the people who search for information on the Internet will have to look for them on web directories. Therefore they make it easier for people to get information regarding a certain topic. This is one of the reasons that they are considered to be helpful. But is also the main reason why they are popular with Internet users.

When you list your website on a directory, you are privy to certain advantages. One of them is the chance to have a better ranking on search engines. Once you have listed your site on a directory, the search engines will have a higher chance of finding it. Once they have found it, they will add it to their listings free of charge. You also have the possibility to have one-way links. These are links that redirect your only your site. This means that you will not have to include their links on your site.

Types of Traffic Obtained from Directories

The traffic that is generated from directories will come in three different types. The first type is termed as click-through traffic. This type of traffic is one where a visitor is compelled to come to your website. The compelling is normally because of visiting the directory. When it is visited, the visitor will see your site and information. Seeing these items will compel them to visit your website.

Secondly, the other type of method to generate traffic is through indexing. Many directories will start indexing a site immediately they find its links. Once they have indexed, every time they come back to your site they will bring along traffic with them. Finally, traffic is generated by search engines. This is done by the directories increasing your ranking on search engines. This happens as they find the number of references and links that lead to your site.

Overall, link building is one of the most effective ways to make sure that your site is successful. You should incorporate it when you are building your site. Making sure you have quality links will increase your listing in search engines and PR.

It will increase the chances of getting more traffic to your site. There are some people who are saying that link building is coming to an end. However, through using link building, one is able to increase traffic. At the same time, they are able to get a higher PR and therefore get more traffic from search engines. This means that link building still works and it is not yet extinct.

Article Marketing

Article marketing can be simply defined as the writing of short articles for certain online businesses with the aim of marketing them. This being the case, one will find that they will have to find ways and means to do so especially if they have a website. Once the articles have been written, they are distributed and made available for publication on different websites. The websites that are chosen for publication of the articles are sites that have similar content or related content to the articles.

The main reason articles are written is to provide some form of marketing for the owners’ website. When the articles are placed on other websites, one will find that there are people who will get information regarding products of certain sites. This information is normally incorporated with a link to the owner’s website. This way, a person who looks at the website will be able to get more information and products from the link that is provided. As long as the articles have been written well, they will provide the possibility of having an increase in traffic to the owner’s website.

Poorly written articles will not have a big impact and sometime as they may be stagnant. As an owner of a website, article marketing is one of the ways that you can use to get more traffic to your site. This is a marketing system that has been proven by many web maters all over the world. There are two main types of article marketing. There is a traditional article marketing and online article marketing. To get a good understanding of the two, one would need to have a general overview of how they work.

Traditional Article Marketing

Traditional article marketing is the use of magazines, newspapers, and any print media to advertise the article. This has been something that has been going on for a long time. In the general sense of it, traditional article marketing is still in style and it still generates results to offline businesses. However, this is changing rapidly due to the impact that online article marketing has on certain businesses.

The process that traditional article marketing follows is very simple. What happens is that a business owner will go to a print media business of their choice. They can choose to use a newspaper, magazine, or even a brochure. When they have chosen the print media they will use, the next step would be to discuss the terms of the article that will be printed. In most cases, the business person will write an article of certain specifications that will be given by the print media they have chosen.

Once they have written, the print media company will print and publish the article. The benefits of such a venture are mutual. The print media will get content for their products and the business person will get advertising for their goods and/or services. For example, a person who is in the real estate business will approach a real estate magazine. They will negotiate on terms and conditions of having the article printed. The real estate magazine might decide that it needs content about the current mortgage rates in the country or area. The real estate businessperson will come up with an article to this effect.

Once he has finished wiring it, he will provide it to the magazine. The magazine will then edit it according to their specifications and publish it in the coming issue. The real estate businessperson will get clients from the article in the magazine. The magazine will in turn get content and indirectly generate some revenue. This way, both parties benefit from the venture.

Internet Article Marketing

Internet article marketing is an Internet marketing strategy that is used to generate leads to a site that uses this strategy. The main idea behind this idea is to have services and products of the company advertised on the Internet. This is normally done through using online article directories. Online marketing directories will indirectly give revenue to the article marketers. The main reason behind this is that most of these directories will have a high volume of traffic. At the same time, search engines normally consider them to be the leaders in information, and therefore, they gave them priority over all the other websites.

This issue has made it possible for articles to receive free traffic from these websites. When a search engine has been in contact with the directory, the end result is sending a PageRank to the author of the website.

It will also send traffic that it has received from readers. With this in mind, Internet markets will try to maximize their traffic by submitting the same article to many directories. This will have an effect on producing the same content when search engines look for content.

To avoid this situation, search engines have a filter that ensures that the same content is not repeated. Since this is the case, submitting the same article to different directories will not make them traffic-generating articles.

Currently, there are some Internet marketers who have discovered a way to change the articles in order to submit them to many article directories. This change is normally referred to as article spinning. When an article is spun, it uses synonyms to change the words but keeping the meaning. This method makes sure that a single article can theoretically gain traffic form multiple directories when it is submitted. This one article can theoretically gain traffic from multiple article directories.

Commonly Accepted Article Structure and Format

The structure of the article is important to successfully generate the traffic required. When a person publishes something on the Internet, the most common method to generate traffic is to make sure that an interesting and catchy title is used.

The body of the article will have to have an average of 500–800 words. The reason why article marketing is used is to mainly give the owner of a website some traffic. This means that the article will have to have keywords that match the search criteria of Internet users. Once this is done, you are sure of getting traffic from the articles.


In simple terms, I define a blog as a type of website or part of a website. In this case, people will find that the type of blog varies according to the owner’s preference. Blogs are usually kept running by companies or individuals, and they often update the blog with regular events, news items, and new products. A blog can be defined as using a blog in this way.

Most blogs are mainly used as interactive platforms. This means that anyone who visits the blog can post comments on the blog. The possibility of leaving a comment on the website is the main difference between a blog and a website. In most cases, the blog will provide information related to the blog title. The entries inserted in the blog are mainly displayed in reverse chronological order.

In some cases, some blog texts, images, and other entries are related to certain websites. Most of these blogs are based on text input. However, some of them are based on images. These are usually art-related blogs and can have photos. The process of inserting all these comments and images is called a blog. The blogger can be the author or visitor of the website. There are many types of blogs. This is why understanding them can give people a better understanding of blogs.

Personal Blogs

These types of blogs are mainly used by bloggers who own the website. They are mainly used as diaries and reference points. In most cases, such blogs are rarely read because they are not indexed or in the directory. However, as long as the blog owner enters an entry in the blog, the blog owner is still considered the blog author. These types of blog authors mainly use this type of blog to create reference points in their lives.

Some of them use personal blogs to reflect on their lives. As a result, they are not commercialized, and people may mistakenly stumble upon them. These types of blogs are rarely famous and will never have many followers. Another name for this type of blog is a microblog. This type of blog is usually very detailed and used to capture specific moments in time. Social networking sites like Twitter will allow bloggers to share their thoughts with those around them. This is a faster method than using email.

Organization or Corporate Blogs

Blogs can be used for different purposes. The type of use a person wants to use it will be determined by their preferences and their goals. Many companies and organizations use blogs in the world today. These types of blogs are mainly used for commercial purposes. The businesses that this blog aims to promote are public relations, marketing, and branding.

This classification applies to such blogs. Such a blog is mainly to notify members of certain events that will happen in the future. The members are mostly in organizations or groups. An example of an organization that owns such a blog is a club. When you check these blogs, you will find information about the club and any new events or news. This is the main purpose of such blogs.

Niche Blogs

Niche blogs revolve around a specific theme. Some blogs specialize in specific topics. The subject can be anything from entertainment to politics. Such blogs are mainly classified as niche blogs. The types of blogs used will vary depending on the creator. The common types of blogs in this category are music, art, health, cooking, automobile, software, or tutorial blogs.

In art blogs, you will find that many people follow the blog. Some people are interested in art. However, music blogs have the most followers. No matter what kind of music a blog is about, you will find that a person will always follow such blogs. What makes blogs so popular is the use of different types of music and updates about music or music-related things.

Media Blogs

A media blog is a blog used only for media purposes. The media used will determine the name of the blog. In most cases, the name does not apply to sketchlog, linklog, and vlog. A blog containing a portfolio of sketches is often called a sketch log. A video with a video is called a vlog, and a blog with a link is called a linklog.

Some blogs will contain different types of media. These are usually called tumblelogs. There are other types of logs hosted on the typewriter and on the Gopher protocol.

These types of logs are different from the normal logs and they are rarely seen. The one that is made on a typewriter is normally scanned after it has been made. Common names for such a blog are typecast blogs. The phlog is one that is hosted on a Gopher protocol.

Blog Categorization According To Device

Blogs can also be defined by the type of equipment commonly used to make blogs. Blogs created by mobile devices will be referred to as mobile blogs. This blog is made by mobile phones, PDAs, and even handheld computers.

A blog can be done by almost anyone. The bloggers will decide the type of blog they want, the design they will use, and the content that will be placed on the blog. The main advantage of this blog is that it is free and can be used to make money online.

Wrapping Up

So, this is the world of Internet marketing all on a platter for you. These are the methods that you need to get started, which can take you right up there, where the best of the online marketers are associating with each other today. We have seen the entire gamut of Internet marketing methods, right from the old age ones such as article marketing and blogging to the new ones such as social networking and video marketing. If you can implement all of these methods, build strategies around them, and keep working with them in the right manner, then they can certainly spell out SUCCESS in the Internet marketing world for you. It is all about strategizing and implementing the right techniques now. Hopefully, you will be able to do it, and that would be the achievement of the purpose of this article.

All the best to you!!!

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